Exhibit Designers: Cultural Innovations
Producer: Graham English and Co.
Production: Raygun Media Ltd
Exhibit: Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre – Kuwait

Project: 3D modelling and texturing
Created with: Modo, Sculptris, Cinema4D, Photoshop

We were approached to create a number of CGI sequences to show life on planet earth from its earliest beginnings right through to the present. My role was to create the 3D creatures that would be used to populate the environments (which were created by my colleague at Raygun Media).

1 – Dickinsonia costata an early multicellular life form from the Ediacaran period
2 – Anomalocaris canadensis from the Cambrian period
3 – Atrypa devoniana a genus of articulate brachiopod from the Ordovician
4 – Cephalaspis from the Devonian
5 – Ichthyostega a primitive tetrapod from the late Devonian
6 – Megazostrodon an early mammal from the Triassic
7 – Plateosaurus engelhardti a dinosaur from the Triassic
8 – Megantereon cultridens a sabre-toothed cat
9 – Megacerops from the late Eocene

For more information on this project please visit Raygun Media‘s website.