Exhibit Designers: Shaboury & Associates
Producer: Graham English and Co.
Production: Raygun Media Ltd

Project: 3D modelling and texturing, animation
Created with: Modo, Photoshop, After Effects

We were commissioned to create an exhibit for the Mleiha Exhibition. The first part to the project was to create a 3D model of an Arabian horse. We started with a purchased model of a horse and adjusted its proportions – this included the external appearance and the internal anatomy as well as posing the horse into the stance we had been directed to recreate. This 3D model was then used to create a life size 3D replica of the animal. Then the muscles and internal organs were textured and coloured, and the final sequence was composited. The video was then projection mapped onto the life sized model of the horse and showed the muscles and organs in their correct life position.

For more detail on the entire project, please visit my colleague, Raygun Media‘s website.