MaMoNet Wales was a one year project set up initially to investigate the apparent decline in a number of mammal species in Wales, in particular the Hedgehog and Harvest Mouse. The project was overseen by The Mammal Society and partially funded by Natural Resources Wales.

One element of the project, particularly in determining Hedgehog numbers, involved a footprint tunnel. As mammals tend to be elusive at the best of times, this is the most efficient way to find out what is around, bait is placed in a small plastic or cardboard tunnel, animals walk through the tunnel attracted by the bait, over some ink pads and then they hopefully leave their footprints on a piece of paper. This was the inspiration for the logo as the project was more about monitoring the species than about seeing them. The logo consists of a number of footprints, currently hedgehog and harvest mouse, but with the option to increase the number of species in case the project expands in the future.

Once the logo was completed, it was applied to a set of two roll-up banners which were used at events to attract the attention of the general public as well as a number of leaflets that were specifically designed to be printed on a desktop printer on an ad-hoc basis.