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Llangollen Barns is a lovely, newly completed pair of self catering holiday lets on the Welsh borders, near the popular town of Llangollen. For this project, the client already had a good idea of what they wanted for their logo; they definitely wanted a sheep and they were pretty settled on the colours too. ZED Creative’s part was to develop the identity from their concept, it needed to be graphic, have character and charm, but without looking too cartoony.

Following on from the logo, we were asked to produce some photos for the client to use on their website and Facebook page. As is often the case with interior photography, getting everything in to one shot is difficult, so a few years ago we stumbled upon the idea of doing interior panoramic images while working for Heritage Homes. For modern, open plan interiors, it works really well, you can give a much better idea of the interior layout without distorting the image too much through an extremely wide angled lens. Rather than a whole series of smaller images, the entire living space can be described in one or two images – so the customer gets a better idea of what to expect. At the same time, we also captured a series of time lapse sequences which were used to create a short promotional film – the camera slide helps to describe the shape and size of the room more than is apparent with still images alone. There were various methods we could have adopted, but with time lapse there is much greater control over the frames allowing more light to be captured and therefore more detail, which is difficult with live footage (without using huge lighting rigs or very grainy exposure settings).