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In 1994, Anthony started working at Psygnosis, a computer games company based in Liverpool. As part of the Sony Group, it was one of the key game developers for the imminent launch of the original PlayStation console. He worked on a number titles at Psygnosis including Krazy Ivan, Overboard and Colony Wars and was also heavily involved in the early Wip3out series of games, working alongside Designers Republic on the original title and Wip3out 2097. During his time at Psygnosis he was given the opportunity to really experiment, both in design and printing techniques (using multiple colour print overlays on top of CMYK printing for example) as well as honing typographic skills – he was responsible for designing the popular (but officially unpublished) Colony Wars font.

Following his time at Psygnosis, he was Creative Director at Madhouse Ltd, where he helped to establish the new company and worked on a large number of campaigns for games companies and other sectors.

After leaving Madhouse in 1999, he formed his own company – Fathom Creative – alongside another ex-Madhouse employee. Throughout this period, he was heavily involved in the design of computer game packaging for Rage Games, Namco, Virgin Interactive and EA Sports as well as a range of other clients in many different sectors.