Client: Birders Against Wildlife Crime – BAWC
Project: Logo design, graphics, animated cartoon
Created with: Illustrator, Photoshop, Modo

ZED Creative make no apologies for the fact that we wear our hearts on our sleeves, there are many things in life that we feel passionate about, but wildlife and conservation rank amongst the highest. We were asked to design a logo for a new group dedicated to tackling the issue of wildlife crime. A portal through which to highlight the issues and to explain to the public what they can do if they see any suspected criminal activity. Social media would play a key role in their strategy and as such, they adopted the hashtag #weseeyou.

We decided to adopt the Hen Harrier as a symbol for the organisation, being one of the most heavily persecuted birds in the UK. The contrast of the red on white, and the piercing eye of the raptor made for a dynamic logo. The eye itself worked in combination with the hashtag #weseeyou, but also to give the slightly uncomfortable feeling that the viewer is being watched back – humans are causing the problem and only humans can stop the problem, so the bird is looking to us to take action.

We have created various materials for the campaign including leaflets, posters, a website and a range of T-Shirts. But we have also extended the campaign into one that is gathering pace quite rapidly, with the help of a few well known celebrities, and concentrating quite specifically on the Hen Harrier. ZED Creative developed the Hen Harrier Day logo which has now been adopted country wide by many grass-root organisations to campaign for better management of our uplands. Developing the theme further, we have added the Henry character. Starting out as a costume the character has been developed, initially into a 2D cartoon and recently into a 3D animated character. This sequence was created specifically for the Bird fair Show in 2018 and appeared on their big TV screen, the fact that there was no sound made the storyboarding a challenge, but also helped to direct it too.

BAWC British Birdfair 2018 from Anthony Roberts on Vimeo.